Super Bowl preparations put pinch on Santa Clara businesses

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With weeks of preparation for Super Bowl 50, many locals have avoided going near Levi's Stadium, so we took a look at how Santa Clara businesses are doing. (KGO-TV)

With the big game moving in, ABC7 News wanted to see how small businesses next door to Levi's Stadium were doing.

Nearby Santa Clara businesses are getting squeezed, although the temporary work force at the stadium setting up for Super Bowl 50 is helping.

Ever since new roadblocks went up Monday, shop owners say their local customers have disappeared, unable or unwilling to find the back way in. Their business has been replaced by the small army of people working at Levi's Stadium who can take a short walk to find food. And that has led to one of the best ways to promote a business -- word of mouth.

Mikayla's Cafe manager San Pol said, "The best thing, we got a lot of people at the stadium, they recommend to people visiting, looking for omelets and breakfast and lunch. I believe Mikayla's getting popular since then."

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Tailgate party production designer Steve Lieberman has become a daily diner. He told ABC7 News, "Yesterday we came here. The place was just full of all the law enforcement and the military guys that are working at the Super Bowl so we felt very safe. Plus the food's pretty amazing."

Nearby residents say they're excited a world event is happening in their back yard.

"A lot of friends have been recommending that you give your parking garages for rent. It's going to be really crowded. People aren't going to find the space to park," Santa Clara resident Shailesh Abhle said.

One person who won't have a parking problem is Santa Clara Mayor Jamie Matthews. He's going to pre-game events but won't stay for the game.

"I had seats, but it seemed selfish of me with so many people wanting to go to the game to take up space when I'm not really a football fan. So, I'm excited about other people being able to go," Matthews said.

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