Dog best buds want you to hug it out

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Two border collie buddies, Dewey and Blaze, are reminding people to "hug that special someone" this month in a heartwarming video that's gone viral after it was posted on Facebook. (Video courtesy: Dewey & Blaze Border Collies)

Border Collies Dewey, 7, and Blaze, 3, can do all kinds of cool tricks, including riding on a skateboard.

But their latest trick of all has warmed the hearts of at least 13 millions people on Facebook. The video of the two hugging each other has gone viral and is reminding social media users to "hug that special someone" this February.

Dewey and Blaze are not only talented when it comes to doggy tricks. The two have been giving back to their community as part of their New Year's resolutions by donating dog toys to their local shelter and by teaching kids about dog care, training and safety.

Dewey will turn eight at the end of the month, but because he is a leap year puppy he'll really only be two. Dewey loves playing with his toys like balls and frisbees.

Blaze is the one who rides skateboards, jumps off of things and does all the dog "stunts."

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