Rain dampens opening of farmers market in San Jose

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Today's storm caught many residents in the South Bay by surprise. (KGO-TV)

The rain caught many people off-guard today; it also impacted some outdoor events. ABC7 News was at the San Jose market center as people went shopping or headed out for lunch.

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"So where's your umbrella?" asked ABC7's David Louie.

"In the car with my raincoat," said Florence Germono, San Jose resident.

"Did you forget that it rains?" asked Louie.

"No, but I wasn't expecting it so soon," said Germono.

For every person we saw getting soaked, there was another who was covered by an umbrella.

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"You haven't forgotten it does rain here occasionally?" asked Louie.

"Every once in a while it does," said Danielle Drew, San Jose resident.

"Are you surprised how much it's raining today?" asked Louie

"I was. I went in for an appointment. I came back, and it seems to be coming down pretty hard," said Drew.

It was opening day for the downtown farmers market, but the rain put a damper on the turnout. With the crowds so thin, a band gave up, fearing the rain might damage its sound system. Vendors say they would have liked a sunny day, but several said they were doing okay.

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"It's probably a little slower than it normally would be, but I've had a lot of traffic at my booth and have made good sales today, so it's been great. So we need the rain," said Susie Gaffney, Joan of Artware.

It was an excuse to share an umbrella, of course. And to learn how a malfunctioning umbrella can leave you perplexed. Some visitors from Colorado were getting soaked, too, although they're aware we've been in drought.

"Maybe you brought us good luck," said Louie.

"I think we did. But I should have brought the snow," said Cesar McAfee, Colorado resident.

"You can have the snow," said Louie.

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