Controversy surrounds installation of cameras on Hwy 4 in Pittsburg

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The Pittsburg city council voted unanimously to fund the installation of surveillance cameras on Hwy 4 after recent shootings. (KGO-TV)

The Pittsburg City Council voted unanimously to spend $100,000 on surveillance cameras for Highway 4 to try and stop shootings on the freeway.

The cameras will cover the four miles of Highway 4 that travels through Pittsburg. The Pittsburg city manager said he has heard from other city managers who are also interested in the cameras.

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Reaction has been pouring into Pittsburg City Hall:

"They're mixed with people some saying it's not going stop it. Others are applauding Pittsburg for taking leadership. Some are saying the state of California should pay for it and why is Pittsburg shouldering the burden," said Pittsburg City Councilmember Sal Evola.

City leaders say they're doing it for drivers like Pete Madrono of Vallejo, who has heard about all the recent freeway shootings in the Bay Area and is nervous.

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"It's scary -- I drive through the area quite a bit. I wonder who they targeting and who is next and at what time," said Madrono.

There have been nearly two dozen shootings on Bay Area highways, including two deadly shootings in Pittsburg. Police say it appears to be the new way for gang members to attack each other.

"It's easier to get away and less likely in a criminal's mind that they are going to get caught," said Pittsburg Police Capt. Ron Raman.

Pittsburg police are already using more than 100 cameras on city streets to solve crimes and have a surveillance room already set up. Now, they'll have a view of Highway 4 and the cameras can really zero in on what they need to see - even from a far distance.

"We aren't kidding ourselves that this is going to stop the violence on the freeways, but if it helps us identify and narrow down who it is and put offenders in jail, maybe there won't be another shooting," said Evola.

City leaders said this is tough on Pittsburg financially. The city is about the size of Walnut Creek but has about half of the revenue. City leaders said public safety makes the cameras worth it.

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