3 suspects at large after 1 killed in Novato double shooting

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One man was killed and another man was injured after they were both shot and stabbed in Novato Wednesday afternoon. (KGO-TV)

Novato police are searching for three attackers who shot and stabbed two people in a quiet Novato neighborhood. One of the victims has died.

Police found one of the victims Wednesday afternoon at the end of Fairway Drive, near the Marin Country Club.

Novato schools superintendent announced that students were involved in Wednesday's shooting. Classes have been canceled Thursday to give students, parents and teachers the opportunity to grieve.

SKY7 HD was over the full scale manhunt inside the normally quiet upscale Novato neighborhood for three male suspects wanted for murder.

"The reality is, we have a crime where someone was murdered with a gun and knife, so armed and dangerous, absolutely," said Marin County spokesman Lt. Doug Pittman.

That young male victim was found shot and stabbed on an open space hiking trail about a mile from the end of Fairway Drive. Another young man, found wounded but alive, nearby.

"We the reason was. Was it a chance encounter? Was it planned? That's something we don't know and that's what we're going to find out," Pittman added.

The search for the suspects was extensive. Neighbors were told to stay in their homes and keep doors locked..

"They just said shelter in place. There was a shooting and they mentioned the location and it was kind of close to home," said one neighbor. "I was shocked."

After hours of searching hills and neighborhoods police determined the danger had passed..

"There is no further threat to community. It's our true belief that those persons who were responsible for what took place here most likely fled the are," Pittman added.

The victim's body remains on the hiking trail through the night until sunrise Thursday when it's safe to remove it.

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