Best friends recount terrifying escape from Orlando nightclub after one got shot

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Best friends who were at Pulse are telling their story from the hospital. One was shot multiple times. (KGO-TV)

Best friends who were at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando are telling their story from the hospital. One was shot multiple times.

The details are so disturbing, it's hard to fully understand what they've been through.

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Angel Colon and Jason Gonzalez were saying their goodbyes and wrapping what had been a great night out. They didn't know terror was about to unfold.

"Out of nowhere we just see big shotgun," Colon said.

Colon was shot three times in the leg and fell to the ground.

"I couldn't walk. All I could do was just lay down while everyone was just running on top of me," Colon said.
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His best friend, running for his life, had no idea.

"I just thought Angel was behind me the whole time, I was just too scared to look back," Gonzalez said.

He had every reason to be terrified. The shooter, Omar Mateen, wasn't finished with his victims. Colon lying there helpless, soon realized Mateen was shooting the bodies on the ground.

"I look over and he shoots the girl next to me and I'm just laying there and I'm thinking, I'm next. I'm dead," Colon said.

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Colon says Mateen did shoot him two more times, missing his head, hitting him in the hand and the hip.

A police officer ultimately dragged him out of the club to an ambulance. Colon was one of 44 victims taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center that night.

"We quickly got five patients, that was a lot for us and we thought that maybe that was going to be it and then they started lining up in the hallway," said Orlando Regional Medical Center Dr. Kathryn Bondai.

A trauma surgeon described it as surreal. But only those who were there know the horror first hand.

"If you guys saw what we saw inside the club, your lives would change forever and I know mine has," Gonzalez said.

There are reports that Mateen had been a frequent patron at Pulse and Gonzalez said never saw him and did not recognize his picture.

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