Witness speaks out about fatal downtown Oakland shooting

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"I saw her down and saw the blood on her chest." A witness speaks out about a shooting that left an innocent 17-year-old girl dead in downtown Oakland Tuesday while she was in the area for a vigil. (KGO-TV)

A shooting left an innocent 17-year-old girl dead near 13th and Franklin streets in downtown Oakland Thursday.

She was in the area for a vigil for two teenagers who drowned last month when the shooting broke out.

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A witness captured cellphone video of moments after the shooting that claimed the life of Reggina Jeffries.

Jeffries was one of dozens of teenagers taking part in a vigil near downtown Oakland. "For about five minutes they were dancing and having fun, all of a sudden there were just gunshots," witness Hamit Elbgal said.

Three people suffered minor wounds, Jeffries was hit in the upper torso. "I saw her down and saw the blood on her chest," Elbgal said.

Bullets also blew out glass at a restaurant across the street, but fortunately no one inside was hurt.

Jeffries and the other young people had just come from a funeral for two Oakland teenagers.

Jamari Wilson, 15, and Josiah Pratt Rose, 15, both drowned in a Stanislaus County reservoir over the Memorial Day holiday. Acts Full Gospel Church Asst. Pastor Kevin Hope presided over the memorial service and was shocked when he heard about the senseless killing. "There is a sense in which I believe a lot of our young people have become de-sensitized to the value of life, to the meaning of life and the value of life," Hope said.

The vigil then moved from the church on 66th Avenue to the downtown area. Police say a fight preceded the gunfire. After that broke up, a car pulled up and at least one, or possibly two shooters opened fire.

"This is a very tragic incident for our city," said an Oakland Police Department officer.

Police are asking anyone with information on the fatal shooting to give them a call.

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