Walnut Creek woman, children watched as truck barreled through crowd in Nice

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Among those running for their lives in this horrific attack in Nice was a Walnut Creek mother and her two young children. (KGO-TV)

Among those running for their lives in the horrific attack in Nice was a Walnut Creek mother and her two young children.

Sara Luka, her 8-year-old son Tiger, and 6-year-old daughter Nell were with thousands of others, many of them families with children on the promenade.
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Lukas shot video of the Bastille Day fireworks, seconds before the attack. Just as the festivities were ending, the truck came barreling toward them.

The Polish-born Luka spoke to ABC7 News by telephone from nice. "I saw this big truck coming. At first I didn't realize what was going on but then I saw bunch of people running," Lukas said. "Then I started hearing screams, like little kids screaming, Mom's screaming for kids."

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Luka said she grabbed her two kids. She couldn't see his face, but got the clear impression the driver of the truck was intent on hitting as many people, as possible.

"I just had the feeling that he was having pleasure running over these people and hearing the screams and at the same time he was shooting at people," Luka said.

Luka said her two children attend the francophone French immersion school in Oakland. The trip to France was to help them learn more about that county's people and culture.

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As for their surviving, Luka said, "It was like winning a lottery for another life."

The Lukas were supposed to stay until the end of next week, but now Sara's trying to get out of France as soon as possible.

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