Caltrans activates metering lights along Interstate 80

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Caltrans officials have activated new lights on Interstate 80 in an effort to help ease heavy traffic during morning and afternoon commute hours. (KGO-TV)

Drivers may notice some new lights along Interstate 80. They could cause a slow down at first, but Caltrans officials are hoping they'll eventually help with traffic issues.

The metering lights debuted Tuesday. They aren't changing currently and are green for now as officials launch a soft roll out.

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The metering lights are at the Powell Street on-ramp along I-80 in Emeryville. There are 43 ramps with these lights along Interstate 80. They are part of a larger system called the I-80 SMART Corridor Project.

They are all connected, monitoring traffic and adjusting accordingly. The lights and signs will advise or control drivers in a way that could help ease heavy traffic situations.

The entire system is expected to be up and running in September, so Tuesday is the first of many steps.

The lights will begin metering cars next week during the morning commute and the afternoon commute the week after that.

Experts say delays should be expected at first as drivers adjust.

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