Napa residents embrace rain, prepare for flooding

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Napa Valley took a beating in Sunday's major storm. (KGO-TV)

The storm hit Napa County hard. Flooded vineyards, overflowing rivers and overnight road closures are just a few of the problems we're seeing tonight.

The city closed the riverfront promenade. The Napa River is the highest it has been in years, creeping above flood stage.

The Napa Valley took a beating in Sunday's storm. Roads flooded, vineyards ended up under water, and the Napa River rose to its highest level since 2005.

"Oh it's pretty impressive," said Cynthia Turnbow, Napa resident.

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Cynthia and Billy Turnbow have lived in Napa more than 30 years. They remember the last time the river crested. They say the city has done a lot of flood work since then to prevent another disaster.

"Oh it was water everywhere. You know like the downtown area so people had sandbags but businesses got water in them and everything. So it's much better now," said Billy Turnbow, Napa resident.

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Downtown, ABC7 News found sandbags stacked in doorways. The city blocked off riverside parks and paths.

In St. Helena, several inches of standing water closed Deer Park Road at Main Street, all the way to Silverado Trail in the heart of wine country.

"To look like this two days into it with a week to go, haha this is going to be a mess," said Jeffrey Davila, Calistoga resident.

Phil Popick and his female passenger could not get home to her baby.

"It's pretty crazy - she's got a baby up there that needs to be fed but I guess her mom is going to have to take care of it," said Popick.

Drone video shows the swollen Napa River. Heavy flooding covered Yountville Crossroads. Vernon Pride is just happy to see some moisture, after so many years of drought.

"I don't think it's going to hurt us. It doesn't hurt the vineyards in the long run. We need the water obviously so it's all great," said Vernon Pride, Calistoga resident.

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