Man says Oakland gunman shot at him days before standoff

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An Oakland man says he was sleeping in his car when the Oakland gunman Jesse Enjaian opened fire on him from his yard just days before the bizarre standoff that put many neighbors and police in danger. (KGO-TV)

When one Oakland resident heard a gunman shot up Las Vegas Avenue on Friday he wasn't surprised, he was angry.

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"Why does, when you call for help, you don't get help," said "T". "You get interrogated yourself."

Three days before 32-year-old Jesse Enjaian opened fire on the neighborhood and police, "T" says someone shot up his car while he was sleeping inside.

He showed ABC7 News the bullet hole in his dashboard and he says a bullet grazed his head.

When it happened, Enjaian was just a few feet away standing in his yard.

"Now when I ran over there to ask him for help, he basically said, 'I'm the one who shot you,'" said "T."

"T" says neighbors had already called police. We talked with a few this weekend who corroborated his story. They were concerned because just a few days earlier, they believe Enjaian shot up another car.

"All four windows was broken except the windshield, front and back," said neighbor Joe Simpson. "But all four tires were popped."

Police came and collected bullet casings from Enjaian's yard but he was not arrested and didn't have his gun taken away in either incident.

We've reached out to Oakland police several times with no response.

"T" says Friday's shootout should have never happened. "Now if the tables was turned and I was the black guy in the house and he was the white guy outside and I shot him, they would have come and got me out of my house that day."

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Enjaian was shot by police and died Friday night. The neighborhood is still trying to repair the damage from gunfire and "T" is struggling to pay for the damage to his car.

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