San Jose mobile home park begins physical, emotional cleanup after floods

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Though the flood water has receded from the South Bay Mobile Home Park, emotions still run high. In the wake of such destruction, some evacuees are taking one step at a time to clean up and move forward. (KGO-TV)

The flood water has receded from South Bay Mobile Home Park. The focus has become getting hot water.

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"I had to buy a hot plate from Frys for 20 bucks," said resident Bonny Medrano. "And using the microwave and heating up water."

Medrano is the assistant manager of the park. She and her husband have been without gas for four days and three very cold nights.

"It's been really hard on him without having heat," Medrano said, speaking of her husband. "When you're 70-something, you need your heat."

Now they're among the lucky ones. Their gas is back on.

Park Utilities is going door to door, re-lighting pilot lights. "The great thing is that people always smile when you knock on the door and say they're going to have hot water," said worker Bob Pickett.

Because of the utility situation, city officials have not completely lifted the evacuation order, but park management is encouraging people to return.

"We've had three break-ins," Medrano told ABC7 News. "Unfortunately, so we've told them if they can, try to come home and at least check on your home and everything."

In other neighborhoods, people continue to toss out their water-logged and contaminated belongings. These are hard times for flood victims.

Janet Childs had to evacuate her mobile home Tuesday and she's an expert in traumatic stress. "Take one moment at a time and do one task at a time you can accomplish," she said. "Because that puts you from out of control to in control. The other thing that really helps is being in community, so you don't try to go it alone."

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