San Bernardino school shooting: 911 audio released

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Police released 911 audio recordings from Monday's fatal shooting at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino. (KABC)

Police released 911 audio recordings from Monday's fatal shooting at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino.

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The audio recordings were released on Friday by the San Bernardino Police Department.
In the first recording, a female voice can be heard on the call, telling the dispatcher there is an active shooter at North Park Elementary.

"One of our teachers was shot," she says.

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The dispatcher urges the caller to stay on the phone while she transfers her to school police.

"One of our teachers got shot in the classroom," she says again, describing the shooter as "Mrs. Smith's husband."

She said the man was wearing a beige blazer, and said the victim was in her classroom, B-1.

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In the second recording, dispatch can be heard telling units the suspect is possibly the husband of a school employee, and that the victim may be in classroom B-1.

On Monday, a special education teacher, Karen Smith, and one of her students, 8-year-old Jonathan Martinez, were fatally shot by Smith's estranged husband, Cedric Anderson, who then turned the gun on himself. Another boy, 9-year-old Nolan Brandy, was injured but recovering well.

Play the video above to listen to the full audio, or read the full transcript below.

Operator - "911 Emergency"
Caller - "We have an active shooter at North Park Elementary"
Operator - "At North Park Elementary School?"
Caller - "Yes, one of our teachers was shot."

Operator - "Okay, we're on our way. Hold on, hold on. Don't hang up. Don't hang up."
Caller - "I'm... (inaudible)"
Operator - "Don't hang up!"
Operator - "... at North Park Elementary.... Yup... Hold on honey, I'm getting school PD on the switcher. Hold on. Hold on."
Police operator - "District police, this is Jeanie"
Operator - *jumbled*"They're telling me they have an active shooter at North Park Elementary School."
Police operator - "I didn't get any of that, but go ahead and transfer the call."
Operator - "okay, they're on the phone"
Police operator - "Okay, Hi - how can I help you?"
Caller - "We have an active shooter. One of our teachers got shot in the classroom."
Police operator - "At what school?"
Caller - "At North Park Elementary. Please hurry."
Police operator - "Okay, we'll get you... do you have a description of the shooter?"
Caller - "Um, he's a black male, he's Mrs. Smith's husband."

Police operator - "He's a black male?"
Caller - "Yes, and he was wearing a beige blazer."
Police operator - "A beige blazer?"
Caller - "Yes"
Police operator - "Okay, we'll get units out there. And where's the victim at?"
Caller - "Um, I think she's in her classroom."
Police operator - "What classroom is it?"
Caller - "Um, B-1"
Police operator - "Classroom B-1?'
Second operator (?) - "Okay, in B-1"
Police operator - "Is the guy still on the campus right now?"
Caller - "As far as I know he is. I'm scared, I'm in the office."
Police operator - "That's okay... did you guys lock down?"
Dispatcher: "Units en route to the shooting we have a possible suspect. Black male, adult. Bald, black shirt. Looks like its possible a husband of the employee. Its gonna be in classroom Baker One. B-1"

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