Out-of-control car rips through house in Walnut Creek

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A Walnut Creek family is left with extensive damage and debris after a car drove through their house late last night. (KGO-TV)

There was a scary wake-up call in Walnut Creek overnight, after a car drove through a house. The homeowner says if he or his wife and two kids had been in the front room, they would not have survived.

A Walnut Creek family is left with extensive damage and debris after a car drove through their house late last night. Remarkably, no one was injured.

The homeowner was watching an episode of "Doctor Who" when the power went out. Initially, he thought it was an earthquake. Then he found a car in his front room. Fortunately, no one was injured.

A Mercedes tore two massive holes in Peter Zwart's home. He says the worst part is losing his sense of security.

"It's scary, I'm not safe in my house," said Zwart.

And he doesn't want his children anywhere near the garage turned playroom.

"No, the clear answer is no," said Zwart.

Around 11:30 Sunday night, a young driver took the curve too fast, lost control, ran over a tree, flew through the brush, smashed into one side of the house and landed out the other.

"He was very scared about the fact that it wasn't his own car and I don't give a rat's ass," said Zwart.

"I don't know what he was driving, 40, 50, 60 (mph) in an area where recommended speed is 20 mph, it's just not right," said Zwart.

To make matters worse, this isn't the first time a car has left the road. Six months ago a drunk driver landed in Zwart's front yard.

"At that time we thought, we should be happy he didn't land in my house, we thought it was just a one off thing, but it seems like it isn't," said Zwart.

Neighbors say speeding along these blind curves is a common occurrence.

"I see this every day, I see this multiple times a day," said Deirdre Palmieri, neighbor.

Zwart's family is staying with friends. He's not sure when they'll be able to move home, or what he can do to protect them from another accident.

"Are you going to build a wall?" asked ABC7's Tiffany Wilson.

"Maybe I'll tweet the president, I don't know," said Zwart.

Peter Zwart says he's taking things in baby steps, first step: coffee to face the mountain of insurance paperwork ahead. And to give you an idea of how nice he is, he brought back donuts for all the news crews covering the crash.

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