Bay Area lawmakers react to new nuclear threat from North Korea

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Bay Area lawmakers are now reacting to the news that North Korea may target Guam in a nuclear attack. (KGO-TV )

It's an annual ritual at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, to commemorate the 1945 nuclear bombings of Japan by the United States. Protesters gathered outside the West Gate of the lab to listen to speakers, play music and stage a die-in.
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As demonstrators lay on the ground, their bodies outlined with chalk markers, inside the gates, a Livermore Police officials announced on a loudspeaker: "In the name of the people of the state of California, I order you to disperse, immediately." At that point, a line of protesters walked right up to the riot-gear clad police on the other side and offered up themselves for arrest.

Protest organizer Marylia Kelley with the group Tri-Valley CARES told us this year, about 50 people signed up to be arrested, a larger number than in previous years.

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"President Trump's threat to North Korea to unleash 'fire and fury like the world has never seen before' is a preemptive threat to launch a thermo-nuclear war," Kelley explained, "which could end all life on earth, as we know it."

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The lab is in the 15th Congressional District, home to Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell. A member of the House Intelligence Committee, Swalwell told ABC7 News he too is alarmed by the rhetoric coming out of the White House. "We need a steady level-minded president right now, not bar stool threats," said Swalwell. "The president should do everything he can to consult the experts. He should talk to our allies and he should work with the Chinese."

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