4-year-old boy rescued from Sunnyvale apartment pool

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A little boy nearly drowned after falling into a swimming pool in Sunnyvale, but thanks to some brave neighbors, he is alive.

A 4-year-old boy is alive because of his neighbors. When they spotted him facedown at the bottom of a pool, they reacted instantly and bravely.

The boy was released from the hospital Tuesday and is now resting at home at the Villa Camino apartments. It turns out the very people who saved him live in the same complex, just two buildings down.

Sharvari and Sheetal Dolas are loving and attentive parents. So when Sharvari looked through her window and saw something strange in the swimming pool she reacted.

"I got scared. Immediately took my pool keys and went there," Sharvari said.

She saw a little boy, facedown, at the bottom of the pool. The mother of two who doesn't know how to swim jumped in.

"That was my mother instinct. I was thinking of my baby, like if my baby was there, what would I have done?" Sharvari said.

Soon Sheetal arrived from work and rushed to help, but based on what he saw, he wasn't hopeful.

"He looked white, his entire face and tummy was bloated, and the eyes were half open, not moving at all," Sheetal said. "I did mouth to mouth breathing then after that he started breathing a little bit."

Medics arrived and rushed the victim to the hospital. On Tuesday, a fencing crew came to re-enforce the gate since it's not clear how the little boy got in. But those who live at the complex say it's not that hard.

"If it's not closed, it's quite simple. All you have to do is pull and get in," 10-year-old Samina Farheen said.

The boy's parents wouldn't talk publicly, but Sunnyvale police stopped by to ask more questions. Neighbors, meantime, are proud of the Dolas.

"I told her, you're a hero! You did a great job," neighbor Tammy McGraw said.

The Dolas are waiting a few days before personally checking on the little boy they saved.
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