8 homes damaged in Bird's Landing area of Solano County

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A family who lost their home in a fast moving fire spoke to ABC7 News about what they witnessed at the start of the fire.

On Friday, a fast-moving wildfire tore through a Solano County neighborhood destroying eight homes. The fire burned in the small community of Collinsville, just across the San Joaquin River from Pittsburg. ABC7 News spoke with devastated homeowners who lost everything.

The Tackett family walked down the street of what used to be their neighborhood in the small community of Collinsville.

Family who lost their home in the Collinsville brush fire

A wind whipped grassfire destroyed eight homes along the San Joaquin River.

Stephanie Tackett says it started around 1:30 p.m. She said, "We were grabbing water hoses, the neighbors were grabbing water hoses, fire extinguishers. As fast as the wind was blowing, the faster the fire was spreading, and it just started going to my house."

The Tackett's three-bedroom, one-bath home that they were renting was destroyed. They say it all started about 20 yards behind the house.

"It was windy. It was real windy. I come around the house and seen the fire and I hollered, 'Fire! Fire!'" said Vincent Tackett.

Thick smoke rises above a brush fire in Collinsville

The winds of more than 20 mph picked up embers and ignited another fire a half mile away. That fire burned 20 to 30 acres, but did not damage any structures.

"That is the eighth home that has been destroyed, and if you can see it, the fire trucks are there right now putting it out," Don Ryan of the Solano County Office of Emergency Services said.

The Red Cross is housing the Tacketts and their neighbors while investigators try to figure out the cause.
This quick destruction was a combination of extremely dry conditions, high winds and a remote community that took firefighters at least 20 minutes to reach.

No injuries were reported.

(Photo courtesy Alan Wang via Twitter)
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