7OYS helps Girl Scouts get part of a missing deposit back from Wells Fargo

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7 On Your Side's Michael Finney helped Girl Scouts after part of their deposit went missing due to a bank error.

Girl Scout Troop 33916 raised thousands of dollars selling candy this past Christmas holiday, but the sweet smell of success soured when part of their deposit went missing.

A Girl Scout group from San Carlos sold nuts and chocolates to raise money for upcoming service projects and field trips. They later learn part of the money was lost. "I was a little disappointed," Natalie Susser said.

The girls raised about $2,000 and 25 percent is supposed to go back to the troop for activities and the rest goes to the Scout's National Office.

Troop Treasurer Karen Latina explained what happened. "I got a letter in the mail from Wells Fargo saying that a mistake had been made in a deposit that I had made and that they were debiting our account," Latina said.

Wells Fargo said the receipt of $1,045, which it issued was an error and that the actual amount was $892.

It would be deducting $153 from the troop's account. An itemized listing of the checks Latina received from the bank included a check for $153.

However, the bank told Latina that unless she could produce a copy of that check, the troop would not get credit for it.

"We could clearly see. They could see and I could see, there was a check there. They kept saying it's not there," she said.

The girls thought they would get to figure out how to spend the money. Instead, they were left wondering if they would get the missing money back.

But Susser said she never worried. "We knew that the adults could get the money back. We had faith in them," she said.

After five months of back and forth, Latina contacted 7 On Your Side and Wells Fargo told us via email, "In general we recommend that when customers fill out their deposit ticket, that they completely fill out the section that indicates the number of checks, the check numbers and the check amounts."

Latina acknowledges she didn't do that, but says in the past the bank has done that for her.

Well Fargo says that's correct, but when there are more than 10 checks deposited, that's done by a processing center and not by the teller.

Latina says in this case the processing center could not locate the missing check. "I felt frustrated that it was something that wasn't my fault, but yet I was still having the responsibility to correct it," she said.

Wells Fargo decided to credit the $153 back into the troop's account.

Did the girl's learn anything from this incident?

One of the girls said they learned that you have to keep fighting for what you want and to keep trying to get what's yours.

Latina is very appreciative of getting the troop's money back.
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