Young boy hospitalized after cleaning chemicals found in Dairy Queen shake

A trip to a Dairy Queen didn't end as expected for one family after a young boy made a trip to a hospital.

Lisa Chase ordered a vanilla shake for her son at a Dairy Queen in Thornton, Colorado. Instantly her son Riley's tongue started burning.

"You couldn't even taste the ice cream in it, it tasted like you were drinking a very strong cleanser, then the burn started instantly," says Lisa

Come to find out they were both drinking cleanser. The vanilla syrup container also contained floor cleaner and degreaser concentrate.

Luckily, Riley is feeling better after a trip to the hospital, but his mother is worried that others may not be as lucky.

"Now they admitted it's two since I was there when the other person called, now it's up to three people," Lisa says, "they need to be held accountable for what they are doing."

The owner of the Dairy Queen says this was a terrible accident. It turns out an employee was soaking the vanilla syrup container in the cleaner when another employee picked it up thinking it was clean, and filled it with the syrup.

Both employees have been written up for not following procedure.

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