Boy with autism's reaction at a Coldplay concert touches millions

Luis Vasquez and his son shared an emotional moment at a Coldplay concert that quickly went viral (Luis Vasquez/YouTube)

A boy with autism couldn't hold back his tears at a Coldplay concert.

Luis Vasquez and his wife took their son to watch his favorite band perform in Mexico City on April 16, 2016. As Coldplay began playing one of their hit songs, "Fix You," the young boy began to cry as he jumped up and down. His father then held him tight and sang along in an emotional moment.

The video was shared online and quickly went viral. As of Wednesday, April 27, 2016, the video had over 3 million views on YouTube and even caught the attention of Coldplay. The band posted the video on its Twitter page and said, "This kind of thing makes it all worthwhile."

Vasquez hopes that the video will spread awareness about autism.
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