Damage estimates from Napa quake lower than first projected

The Napa Earthquake caused significant damage to streets, homes and other buildings.

The risk management company Risk Management Solutions is now giving a much lower damage estimate from the Napa earthquake, but the new number only reflects a fraction of the damage.

The company projects that insurance companies will pay no more than $250 million on damage to homes, businesses, and wineries, in Napa, Solano, and Sonoma counties.

That's considerably less than some other estimates that range up to $4 billion.

RMS says its lower estimate reflects the fact that only a small number of property owners have earthquake coverage, which means the vast majority of victims will have to repair their property themselves.

Meanwhile, the city is continuing to clean up after the Sept. 24 earthquake.

PG&E crews are digging up a massive gas line to make sure it's safe after all the shaking during the Napa earthquake.

The gas line runs right across the fault where the quake hit 10 days ago.

Crew checked for leaks or damage to the pipe.

The gas line also runs next to Stone Bridge School, which delayed fall classes by a week to make sure everything was safe.

Neighbors say they're thankful for the extra caution.

"Every little noise, rumble, you wonder what's going to happen next," said Dennis McPherson, who lives in Napa.

"We know that they turned off the gas in the section of the pipe that they were concerned about," said Napa resident Debra Beresini. "They have been out here every day, digging, making sure that the pipe was sturdy."

PG&E says they haven't found any leaks and are digging up the pipe as a precaution.

If they find an area that's weak or warped they will replace it.
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