Fremont police want $300,000 surveillance camera program

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Fremont police plan on asking the city council to spend $300,000 on surveillance cameras that would be placed throughout the city.

Fremont residents are weighing in on a police proposal that pits crime protection against privacy concerns. The plan will go before the city council Tuesday night.

Police say most of the burglaries happen to out-of-towners. They ask residents to imagine if police had cameras posted at on-ramps that would take a parting shot of the criminal as they head out of town.

Homeowners in Fremont seem to like them. 250 of them have surveillance cameras and have registered them with the police department, allowing officers access to the video. Now police want some too.

On Tuesday night hey will ask the city council to spend $300,000 on cameras to be placed throughout the city, with an emphasis at Interstate 880 on-ramps in the hopes of capturing pictures of criminals and their license plates as they head out of town.

"I'm for it," said resident Susan Senadenos. "Anything that will help the policemen. Crime is out of control. I don't think it's a bad idea, doesn't bother me."

Most people we spoke with support the idea. But some are raising privacy and abuse of power concerns. One man we met doesn't like the camera idea, he didn't even like our camera so we couldn't' show his face.

"I think cameras are stupid," he said. "And there's privacy. They could be could make big deals out of something small."

More than 300 people have weighed in on the issue on the city council's website, with some expressing concerns about privacy and how the information will be used. There is also concern for the cost.

Police say it is little intrusion for significant gain. Most everyone we met agreed.

"I don't really think it's an invasion if it's just we're driving on the freeway," said Fremont worker Rhiannah Talley. It would be different it was in the bathroom or something."

Fremont resident Carlos Correa added, "I think it's a good tool, to me it is. I don't have a problem with government putting surveillance in. Myself for instance, if you have nothing to hide, I have no problem at all."

The meeting is at 7 p.m.

The city is still accepting comments on its website. To add your opinion, click here.

Surveillance camera program's proposed intersections:

1. Westbound Thornton Avenue onto northbound I-880
2. Northbound/southbound Fremont Boulevard onto northbound I-880
3. Southbound Fremont Boulevard onto southbound I-880
4. Westbound Mowry Avenue onto northbound I-880
5. Westbound Decoto Road onto northbound I-880
6. Southbound Ardenwood Boulevard onto westbound Highway 84
7. Westbound Stevenson Boulevard onto northbound I-880
8. Northbound Alvarado Boulevard at Union City border
9. Southbound Mission Boulevard onto northbound I-880
10. Northbound Mission Boulevard onto northbound I-680
11. Eastbound Auto Mall Parkway on northbound/southbound I-880
12. Northbound Mission Boulevard at Mowry Avenue
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