Giraffe kicks woman in the face at Madison zoo

Police cited Amanda Hall, 24, after she climbed into the giraffe exhibit at Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wis., and received a lick and kick to the face from 2-year-old Wally.

A police report said Hall, of San Luis Obispo, California, told officers she jumped into the enclosure because she loves giraffes.

She climbed over one fence and nearly cleared another around 5:30 p.m. Saturday before 12-foot-tall Wally gave her a lick and a kick, according to the report.

Hall was not seriously hurt. But zoo staff said giraffes can actually kill lions, so the woman was fortunate that her injuries were not life-threatening.

Henry Vilas Zoo Curator Jeff Stafford said the giraffe was just reacting to someone coming into its home.

"Imagine if that animal came into your house. How would you feel about that? You would probably be nervous and excited," Stafford said. "So an animal is going to have a similar response. That's probably what happened in this case."

Wally and Eddie, the zoo's other giraffe, were both on exhibit, as usual, the day after the incident.

Police ticketed Hall for harassment of zoo animals, which has a fine of $686.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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