Grandma fights burglar with stick, pot of boiling water

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A grandmother in Texas fought off a burglar with the only weapons she had available at the time -- a stick and pot of boiling water.

A crook learned that age is just a number after he broke into a Texas home and was fought off by a grandmother.

"I told him, I said, 'what kind of momma you got that raised you up like this? You ought to be ashamed of yourself!'" said robbery victim Lillie McClendon.

Lillie had just returned home from celebrating her 83rd birthday with her family on Independence Day, when she noticed something was wrong. She saw a few items out of place, a quilt on the floor, and a broken window.

"I was scared," she said. "There was no one here but me."

A man appeared with his face covered, demanding money. As he grabbed her arm, Lillie fought back with the only weapons she had at the time -- a stick and a pot of boiling water.

"I had a pot and was boiling sausage and I took the whole pot off and threw it," she said. "The sausage fell on the floor but he got some of it right here on his forehead."

Lillie also hit him with the stick.

"They came here to rob her, to hurt her, to harm her, to get something from her that she don't have," said the victim's daughter, Anita McClendon. "Shame on you, because that's despicable."

The robber left empty handed. Police suspect he has a few injuries.

Lillie escaped with a few scrapes, but is otherwise okay.
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