Just in time for Memorial Day: Boozy Slushie Delivery Service

Here's one way to cool down this Memorial Day.

A new delivery service in New York City is hawking rainbow-colored, boozy slushies for $10 a pop.

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It's not clear what exactly is in the sugary, frozen drinks, called Phrosties, or where they're coming from -- mysteries that have health officials worried.

New York's State Liquor Authority is reportedly investigating the source.

For now, customers order by texting a phone number listed on Phrosties' Instagram page.

Deliveries -- for a minimum of four drinks -- are made 24 hours a day, according to the account.

One recent tester told ABC News his order took two and a half hours to be delivered. But be warned: One drink got him drunk, and some Phrosties tasted boozier than others.

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