Homeowners assess costly quake damage done to homes

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Homeowners are assessing how much it will cost to repair the damage caused by Sunday's 6.0 earthquake.

Many dramatic images of the extensive damage in the Napa Valley have circulated since Sunday's earthquake, but not all the devastation is easy to see.

From across the street at Tuscany Court, Randy Brown's Napa home looks like it came through Sunday's quake unscathed.

But a closer look reveals some serious and very expensive damage to the 19-year-old structure.

Part of Brown's home actually came off the foundation.

Several engineers have looked at his house and so far, the news hasn't been good.

"Everybody seems to be in agreement that the front third of the house, has to come down and then the foundation is still in question on our house," Brown said.

So even though his home has a yellow tag instead of red tag, a cross section of Brown's home will likely have to be demolished.

"What they said is based upon what they saw outside, you can almost see that crack up there," Brown said, pointing to the exterior of his home. "I think that's the line, or basically behind it, but they're basically saying everything here has to go."

Like so many other people in Napa, Brown has no earthquake insurance and it's unclear if his homeowner's policy will help at all.
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