Officials working to restore water to Pleasanton apartment complex

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Residents of an upscale Pleasanton apartment complex have been reduced to using port-o-potties because they haven't had water service for several days. An on site manager said they hope to resolve the problem by Tuesday afternoon.

Residents at a 350-unit Pleasanton apartment complex on Springhouse Drive have been without water since Friday night, so the manager has set up portable toilets for residents to use in the meantime.

ABC7 News talked with the city's chief building inspector and says the problems on site at the apartment complex were so bad that the property management had to bring in four different contractors before they can find one that could actually fix the problem. Residents say they do not like the way the whole thing has been handled.

The residents have been getting plenty of color-coded fliers about the water problem, but not many answers about how this happened.

"And when you call and talk to them it's nothing. It's, 'so sorry, we have a gallon of water per day for your use,"' Casey Evans said.

Some residents have resorted to hauling buckets of water from the on site hot tub to use in their toilets and others opted to leave for the weekend.

"We can't just stay here with no water, so Friday night we had to get a hotel," Jonathan Daniel said.

He and his wife care for her elderly mother who is on dialysis and were hoping to return home on Monday.

"Hotels are not cheap you know and they refuse to tell me if they will cover the cost of our hotel fees," Daniel said.

He showed ABC7 News where the water line broke and said an outside contractor only arrived on Sunday. The city of Pleasanton says they've dispatched a team of inspectors to monitor progress.

The fire department arrived at the scene because no water means there's no fire sprinkler system, which is a safety concern.

ABC7 News tried to talk with property managers, but was told to leave.

Residents say they're being forced to live through a terrible situation.

"You can't brush your teeth, using the bathroom is fascinating, bathing is with baby wipes," one resident said.

The lead manager on site said the contractor working to resolve the problem expects to have water restored by Tuesday afternoon, but no further questions were answered.
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