Police see rise of illegal street racing in South Bay

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Police say illegal street racing has become a growing problem in the South Bay.

Illegal street racing is a problem that that has been seen in Oakland and other parts of the East Bay. But it's now spreading to the South Bay and police say just can't seem to get ahead of this dangerous activity.

Illegal street racing is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in San Jose.

The videos are proudly posted all over YouTube. Events are no longer focused on South San Jose. The newest hot spot is in North San Jose at Nortech Parkway and Disk Drive.

Last month, 30 cars packed into that intersection as part of an illegal street race. The police arrested 21 people and 13 cars were towed. A lot of marks are still left from that night

"Sometimes when you have the windows open that's all you hear, vroom,voom, all the time," said Harrison Blackwell-White, a San Jose resident.

Police noticed the uptick in the illegal activity a few months ago and they're worried.

"It's very dangerous for those involved in the racing and also for those observing and also potentially for those innocent bystanders walking or driving through the area," San Jose police Sgt. Heather Randol said.

The racing isn't just relegated to the streets. It's now taking place in parking lots well.

Police are cracking down on the illegal racers every few weeks.

But they admit, their slim staffing makes other crimes more of a priority.
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