Brazen burglary in San Jose caught on camera

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Surveillance video is providing many clues to a brazen burglary in San Jose.

Surveillance cameras have become the crime-fighting tool of choice. They're providing clues that will likely bring justice for one man in San Jose.

Video could be the difference between a burglar loose on the streets, or in jail facing charges. With the police staffing shortage in San Jose, home security cameras have become crucial to solving many crimes.

"Spending $600 on a camera system will probably end up having this guy convicted," said homeowner Ryan Leiby.

The San Jose resident showed us the security camera video on his iPhone. Clear, crisp images show the man who burglarized his home on Sunday.

"This knucklehead," said Leiby while looking at the video. "Now he's trying to pry open the door to the garage with a shovel. Well, that didn't work."

Video taken from one of the four cameras mounted outside Leiby's home shows what happened just before the man finally broke into the house.

The burglar paced anxiously in the backyard before trying to kick in the kitchen door. After a while he picked up a shovel and attempted to pry open a sliding glass door. When that failed he went with the old fashioned way -- he threw a rock through that glass door.

Leiby also has two cameras inside his home, which captured the man going through his belongings.

"He didn't get much," said the homeowner. "You know, just a watch case with some
watches and some cufflinks."

The man is seen walking away with his loot on one of the two cameras mounted at the front of Leiby's home.

His car is parked out of frame. But video shows him driving away.

Closeup shots have been posted on a neighborhood blog, and Leiby posted a clip on YouTube. There will be no problem identifying him.

"People are going to know this guy," he said. "People are going to know where he stays, you know?"

Leiby says the detectives who saw the images seemed to almost immediately recognize who he is. He hopes they'll arrest him real soon.

The San Jose resident was told by police that the man may be a painter and that he has outstanding warrants.

If you have any information regarding this incident or see this man, call the San Jose Police Department.
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