SF water department unveils provocative ad campaign

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San Francisco's water department has unveiled a provocative ad campaign urging residents to conserve during the drought.

Most of us don't consider our sinks to be sexy, but that's the latest direction San Francisco water officials are going in the latest effort to get us to save water. It is a long held belief that sex sells. But can it get you to use less water?

Drought times call for desperate measures. Water officials in San Francisco are taking conservation to a whole new level. Replacing leaky toilets and taking shorter showers has gone from cold to hot.

These TV commercials, which seem to be channeling Barry White, are super sexy and plenty provocative.

The ad shows someone washing their hands as a sultry voice says, "Conservation can feel oh so right."

While another in another part of the ad the voice says, "Efficient fixtures for your kitchens and bathrooms, screw them on, yeah."

If these ads have seduced you, that's exactly what San Francisco's Water Department wants. They hope it gets many to save water.

"Sex sells," said San Francisco resident Dwight Narrhum. "Like in any culture, our society and this day and age, it just sells completely. And it's sad and unfortunate, but as long as it saves water."

If you miss the TV ads, chances are you may come face to face with the print campaign on the back of a Muni bus.

When asked if she got a little embarrassed while reading the ad, San Francisco resident Caitlyn Steele answered, "Yes, I tend to flush easily."

She may have blushed, but Steele knows the drought is serious.

"I guess they're just trying to save California the water," she said.

The San Francisco Public Utilities says the city came very close in avoiding mandatory water rationing. Just in the last month, residents are beginning to take the drought seriously.

These ads may help people do more.

"Nowadays with the market so saturated with just common advertising, I think it is good to do something outside the box," said San Francisco resident Eric Kever.

Saving water -- risqu, sexy, and smart.
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