Students Can Skip the Final ... If They Get 15,000 Retweets

Andrew Muennink could be the hero of his high school art class if he manages to get his teacher to throw out the final exam.

But first, the senior at Round Rock High School in Texas needs 15,000 retweets in order to win a wager he shook on with his teacher, Cindy House.

"I try my best and the final is supposed to be so hard, so I was like, 'I have a lot of followers on Twitter,'" he told ABC News today.

Muennink said his first offer to Ms. House was 5,000 retweets, however they ultimately settled on 15,000.

The deal was struck Wednesday and Muennink has until May 23 at 12 p.m. to meet his quota. Otherwise, he and his 30 classmates will have to take the final exam.

Several similar photos showing apparent deals at other schools also appeared on Twitter today -- something Muennink fully endorses.

"I think [other schools] should [do this] because it's really cool how Twitter can be an influence," he said.

And if he pulls it off?

"I'd be the man!"

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