Vallejo business open despite damaged caused by Napa earthquake

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A business called North Bay Cabinets is still open even after losing four of its store-front windows, which will cost at least $15,000 to replace.

Vallejo is among the city's recovering from Sunday's earthquake. A dozen buildings are still red-tagged and 75 others have yellow tags. Many of those homes have chimney problems.

Vallejo residents have seen some hard times as of late and you would think that the earthquake would defeat them, but it didn't

A business called North Bay Cabinets is still open even though it lost four of its store-front windows, which will cost at least $15,000 to replace. They can't afford to do it, but they want everyone to know they're open for business.

"I'm glad the whole thing didn't fall down, I'm glad that no one got hurt," Matthew Brown said.

The 6.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Napa also forced the closure of First Baptist Church in Vallejo and work to repair it drew a crowd of onlookers.

"They only took off a couple of feet off the top and everything else was retrofitted so it's all pretty good," Brown said.

Inspectors red tagged the church because of cracks in the bell tower, forcing crews to remove the parts that were deemed unstable. The church, built in the 1920s and retrofitted in the 90s is more than a place of worship. It's also an emergency shelter and soup kitchen.

"We actually feed around 125 to 150 people Monday thru Thursday at lunch time," Associate Pastor Jesse Austile said.

On Tuesday, the city moved forward with a proclamation giving the city manager additional authority to request aid from neighboring communities or government agencies. While the damage to private property is still being assessed, officials say the price tag for property damage to county facilities in Vallejo is close to a $1 million.

An 8-inch cast iron water main sprang a leak after the quake. Crews working to find the source told ABC7 News it's a process that can't be rushed and will take a while.

At least one of the pipeline leaks wasn't noticed until Vallejo fire crews responded to a call on Mare Island. Low water pressure meant they were forced to come up with a work around.

"They were able to handle the water main break plus divert water and pressure to this location, this hydrant grid," Vallejo Batt. Chief Dan Sarna said.

The owners of North Bay Cabinets on Solano Avenue did not have earthquake insurance. The cost to replace these windows will be at least $15,000. Still, the town and its people remain strong.

"We've really come through and out of a hard time and just keep moving forward, getting better and better," Sarna said.

VIDEO: Early warning system helped Vallejo fire stations

The seismic warning system at five Vallejo fire stations activated the garage doors three seconds before the 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck.

"That's done so the doors don't twist and buckle in the earthquake and we can't get the fire trucks out of the stations," Vallejo Fire Chief Jack McArthur said.

It was a crucial three seconds for an already understaffed fire department.

"In the first hour, the city responded to 350 calls," McArthur added.

Officials are still assessing the extent of the damage citywide.

Meanwhile, Gov. Jerry Brown is encouraging the use of seismic warning systems across the state.

"It's in hospitals. It brings elevators to the next floor. It locks them so they don't get jammed or people get stuck in them. You can turn off gas mains. Turn on anything you want to help start procedures to help save precious resources," George Dickson the founder of Seismic Warning Systems said.

Eventually, one system can warn others via the Internet, adding an extra two seconds ahead of the first shock wave.

VIDEO: Aftershocks expected in Bay Area over next 7 days
As a result of Sunday's earthquake, local agencies are recommending the following safety precautions be taken:

* Check for damage, especially to utilities, foundation, walls, and chimneys.

* If you smell or hear leaking gas, open your windows and get everyone out of the building right away. Turn off gas at service (if residential) and notify PG&E immediately. Customers can contact PG&E at or call 1-800-PGE-5002.

* If you smell smoke, get everyone out of the building. Use a fire extinguisher to put out small fires. Don't use water on electrical or gas fires.

* Inspect your home's foundation, walls, and chimneys. Look and listen for any signs of possible collapse.

* Please be patient if your power is out. Utility providers are working to restore services. For more information or assistance please contact PG&E.

* If you are experiencing low water pressure or interrupted water service please contact your local water provider.

* Aftershocks could be possible.

* If the shaking starts again, protect yourself by staying away from windows and taking cover in a door frame or under a sturdy piece of furniture.

* If you are outdoors, stay in the open away from buildings, bridges, signs and overhead wires.

* Remain calm and do an assessment of those in your building and on your block if it is safe to do so.

Bay City news contributed to this report.
ABC7 News contributed to this story.
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