Yahoo hack shifting how companies look at cyber security

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What happened in the Yahoo case prompted a shift in the way companies look at cyber security. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Two Russian intelligence agents and two hackers were charged in a devastating breach at Yahoo that affected at least a half billion user accounts, the Justice Department said Wednesday.

As consumers, we put our trust in companies that they'll protect our information online. What happened in the Yahoo case has prompted a shift in the way companies look at cyber security.

Math geniuses and hackers work side by side inside Vetra Networks, a cyber security firm that protects companies from breaches. The CEO is hyper vigilant with making sure what happened to Yahoo doesn't happen to his customers.

"Had Yahoo taken the notion of breaches very seriously, then I think they would not be in this position. And I think this is a signal to other enterprise customers of the same size, that breaches are an everyday event," Vectra Networks CEO Hitesh Sheth said.

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Tech insiders say the Yahoo hack has made companies more proactive in investing in security infrastructure, but it's still lacking.

"Every company is aware of it. They just need to be more aggressive," Creative Services Tech Analyst Tim Bajarin said.

Consumers are watching. "When you hear that, definitely you don't want to go that route. I Google a lot. I use other sites," San Jose resident Mina Abdul said. When asked if she doesn't use the email anymore, she replied, "No, sorry Yahoo."

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"Are you as a consumer now going to look at this and go I have to shut my accounts down on Yahoo, I just won't do anything with it. If you are Verizon, which is about to buy Yahoo, are you worried about the implications of losing the customer base there," Sheth said.

Tech analysts say Yahoo's customer base has been loyal and it is seeing consistent traffic on its website. But those who were affected in the hack should take note. Even if they changed their username and password back then, their information is still out there and could be used if they use the same information to log in on other sites.

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