Dog discovers abandoned newborn baby alongside road

(WZZM 13)

When Jeff Kopp took his dog Bobby for a walk on Monday in Diamond Lake near Grand Rapids, Michigan, the last thing he expected to encounter was a newborn baby.

Kopp was walking Bobby down an unfamiliar path when the dog began sniffing around curiously. The dog kept moving towards a satellite dish, where Kopp thought a rabbit might have caught his pet's attention. But Kopp was shocked to see a newborn baby, with umbilical cord still attached and no parent or caretaker in sight. Kopp called for his wife and daughter, who picked up the child and began to tend to its few minor scrapes and bruises.

Location of where the baby was found.

The baby's 14-year-old mother was located later that day. Both the baby and the mother were taken to a hospital where they are recovering. Good thing that this dog's nose was strong enough to protect newborn life.

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