Florida firefighters help reunite lost Dalmatian with its family

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A Dalmatian was reunited with its family after wandering into a fire station. (Hillsborough Country Fire Rescue, Florida/Facebook)

After Florida firefighters saw a Dalmatian wandering around their station, they were able to successfully reunite the dog with its owner.

Members of the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue say they first saw the dog running around on Monday around 7 p.m. When they returned at 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday, the dog ran into the station bay. Corey Dierdorf, spokesperson for the fire department, said that the dog didn't have fleas, wasn't malnourished and was well behaved.

"They knew this was somebody's dog," Dierdorf told ABC.

Firefighters scanned the dog for a chip by animal services but it didn't have one. The dog was also without a collar. They gave the dog a bath, food, water and a place to sleep, and posted images of the pet to Facebook in hopes of contacting its owner.

Luckily, the dog's family saw the Facebook post and were reunited. "We're in the business of helping any life when it needs to be helped," Dierdorf said.

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