Hillary Clinton visits Bay Area tech companies

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Hillary Clinton made the rounds on Monday in Silicon Valley and San Francisco to promote her book, "Hard Choices." (Photo by Andrew Bosworth/Facebook) (Andrew Bosworth/Facebook)

Hillary Clinton made the rounds on Monday in Silicon Valley and San Francisco to promote her book, "Hard Choices," which covers her years as U.S. Secretary of State.

Clinton visited Google, Facebook and Twitter headquarters.

Hundreds of questions were submitted on Facebook for her appearance at the company's headquarters, but only a few got answered.

Some were general, asking Clinton if she liked dogs and how someone could get her new book autographed.

Serious questions zeroed in on foreign policy and the jetliner downed over Eastern Ukraine.

Clinton agreed with President Obama's call for a thorough investigation into who was responsible for shooting down the plane.

She would like to see European allies impose tough sanctions on Russia and to give Ukraine more support to guard their borders and protect themselves.

While Clinton is not a declared candidate for president, she made her positions clear.

Professor Jane Curry, a political scientists and Eastern European expert at Santa Clara University, believes Clinton's remarks will be welcomed by pro-West Ukrainians, but not by pro-Russian separatists.

"I think Ukrainians in the West, in Kiev the capital, will certainly listen because they're desperate to hear that they have support from the outside and they have gotten far less support than countries that were trying to make chance 20 years ago," Curry said.

Questions from Facebook employees inside with Clinton were not posted online nor were her answers, so it's unknown what she said about the situation in Gaza where casualties are mounting on both sides of the conflict.

One question she didn't answer was whether she's running for the White House in 2016. Clinton said she won't decide until after she becomes a grandmother later this year.

It's not known if Clinton was paid an honorarium to appear at Facebook. People attending some of her recent appearances have paid as much as $500 for a ticket, which included a copy of her book.
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