San Jose City Council delays vote on rules for marijuana dispensaries

San Jose's City Council has decided to delay voting for one week on a plan to stiffen the rules for marijuana dispensaries.

The delay follows several hours of pleas during last night's council meeting, from both supporters and opponents of pot clubs. They were each given one minute to convince the council to pass new regulations or not. Council members say they need more time to review all the information presented to them.

Many business owners claim nearby marijuana dispensaries are a nuisance and drive customers away. Medical marijuana supporters fear the new rules would drive them from San Jose. Proposed changes include no dispensaries within 1,000 feet of schools, day cares, churches, rec centers, parks, libraries and other dispensaries -- also they must be 500 feet from rehab centers and 150 feet from homes.

People in favor of the rules say the current collectives are causing problems; the smell is too strong and it's bad for children. Those against the restrictions argue you can't blame the whole industry for a few bad seeds and patients need their medication. Other changes, not having to do with location: no concentrated cannabis and all marijuana must be grown by the dispensary at a site within San Jose.

The next vote is scheduled for May 20.
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