San Francisco woman hopes to inspire change with postcard campaign

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Dina To says she was inspired to invite 80 women to her home after the women's march in San Francisco to get more involved in politics and civic duties in the Trump era. (KGO-TV)

Less than 24 hours after Donald Trump took the oath of office, millions of people in cities across the country and around the world marched in protest.

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One woman says the San Francisco women's march inspired her to do more.

Dina To says she felt inspired to invite 80 women to her home after she marched. "I wanted to do this event as an easy entry point to civic engagement," she said.

"A lot of us are feeling like we're not doing enough," said Marin County resident Carol Johnstone.

They've been encouraging the women here to do more with a pen and a postcard.

"I'm concerned about reproductive rights, here's why my body my choice," said San Francisco resident Patricia Martell.

"It is going to be so important to stick to these principles as long as 45 is in office," San Francisco resident Joy Alferness told ABC7 News.

"No matter what they're feeling there's probably someone in the room feeling the same way," said To.

Women's march organizers put out a list of ten actionable items after the march. The first was to write postcards to local congressmen and women.

"We could all sit at home and write these postcards on our own," said Alferness. "But being together and doing it and seeing all of these faces and knowing that we're in it together really helps us push forward at a time where things are very dark and painful for many of us."

The women are guided by a few tips hung on the wall. One reads says to write "whatever touches your heart."

Alferness hopes each woman discovers her voice.

"It is not so daunting to be engaged in local, national or state politics," To told ABC7 News.

"I feel like we do make a difference ultimately," Johnstone added.

They hope to continue to make an impact, one postcard at a time.

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