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11 Awful problems only left-handed people understand

Today is the 38th annual International Left-Handers Day! The holiday was created to promote the awareness of the inconveniences left-handed persons endure while living in a world made for right-handed people. To celebrate, let us share with you some of the everyday struggles you'd go through if you were born left-handed.

There's only one left-handed desk, and usually some 'righty' is sitting in it.

Bradley Gordon/Flickr

Three ring binders are painful, yet mandatory for most grade schools.


If there is one lefty glove at gym class, it's probably older than your coach.


Zippers hide from your fingers.

Jeff Belmonte/Flickr

Controllers were not designed with you in mind.


Scissors do not apply to you.


Fountain pens will make a mess out of your whole arm.

Wilson Hui/Flickr

You erase the words as you're writing on the chalkboard.

Dorian Electra/WikiMedia

You've also got this rare skin condition.


The number pads on keyboards are a long reach.


And you might die sooner.

Sean MacEntee/Flickr

According to a study conducted by the NCBI, the population percentage of left-handed people diminishes within the oldest age groups. While there is no accurate explanation of why this is, the study hypothesizes that there may be elevated risk levels due to the environmental factors of living in a right-handed world, which leads lefties to a higher accident susceptibility.

Tweet your own lefty problems with the Left Handers Day hashtag: #lefthandersday

Do you have any more left-handed problems to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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