Group of friends hosts cookout for the homeless

It's as sweet as it sounds: a group of friends feeding those in need, and making a few more friends along the way.

In their video, the friends shop for groceries, set up a grill and start cooking hot dogs right in the middle of downtown Atlanta. They then approach people on the street and ask if they're hungry. The responses are good-natured and heartfelt. Though the group is met with a little road bump when they discover (more than once) that they are not allowed to grill in their location, each time they are polite and move somewhere else to continue.

One of the men who didn't know where his next meal would come from had words of thanks and some advice: "Always make sure you tell someone to have a blessed day, regardless."

Here's the video that's sure to brighten your day:

The friends have uploaded plenty of other good deeds on their YouTube channel, Give Back Films.
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