'HiddenCash' millionaire posts concerns about safety

San Jose resident Alex Doxie found $135 stashed in an envelope from the HiddenCash Twitter phenomenon.

The mystery millionaire behind the 'HiddenCash' excitement posted a statement online overnight to his Twitter followers.

The search for money hidden around the Bay Area and now Southern California has turned into a frenzy. The mysterious benefactor said he wants to keep the pay it forward movement going, but is asking people to keep it safe and positive. He will try to pick locations that are safe as people race to find the stashed cash. He said a woman ran right in front of his car a few days ago.

He goes on to say he will take time in the next several weeks to figure out how to move 'HiddenCash' forward, but says don't worry, you'll like another big announcement that's still to come.

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