Quiz: How well do you know the words these genius kids can spell?

Use that in a sentence, please?
Some pretty obscure words have been correctly spelled already in this year's National Spelling Bee.

The kids know these words forwards and backwards (literally), but do most of us even know what they mean?

Take the quiz to see if you're as smart as these young geniuses or ready to concede that esoteric vocabulary has a propensity to be discombobulating.

  1. Bruxism
    A) Habit of grinding the teeth, especially when stressed
    B) Painting made by techniques like splattering
    C) State of being youthful
    D)The process of bone formation

  2. Gelid
    A)Whitish or grayish
    B) Of a more or less German nature
    C) Growing in wet or swampy ground
    D) Extremely cold; icy

  3. Pasilla
    A) Crescent-shaped dumpling
    B) A white sauce including meat, cream, butter and flour
    C) A long slender breadstick
    D) A long dried chili pepper

  4. Larmoyant
    A) In a manner marked by inactivity
    B) Having small nostrils
    C) Relating to upright perennial leafy-stemmed bulbous herbs
    D) Given to tears or weeping

  5. Candiru
    A) A minute bloodsucking catfish
    B) The least prestigious language in a variety of a community
    C) A person with full power to transact business
    D) A declaration where a card player loses every trick

  6. Anodyne
    A) Serving to assuage pain
    B) Manifesting praise or approval
    C) Sincere, not trifling
    D) Person of no faith/religion

  7. Dundrearies
    A) Plants that depend on water for the distribution of seeds
    B) Long flowing side whiskers
    C) Waste silk taken from outside the cocoon
    D) Rules of combat between two people

  8. Swidden
    A) Foulness of breath
    B) Tract of water where tide flows with violence
    C) A plot of land produced by burning off a vegetative cover
    D) Somewhat sly; crafty, cunning, artful

  9. Cachinnate
    A) Laugh, usually loudly
    B) Drink to the last drop
    C) Criticize severely
    D) Shed small scales

  10. Cispontine
    A) Shaped like a sausage
    B) Situated on this or the nearer side of a bridge
    C) Relating to the hedgehog
    D) Bright, glossy, lustrous

  11. Epixylous
    A)Design in shape of chevrons on a fabric
    B) Growing on wood
    C)Bent backward or downward

1) A
2) D
3) D
4) D
5) A
6) A
7) B
8) C
9) A
10) B
11) B

Let us know how you did, and learn some new words from the final round tonight at 8 p.m. on ESPN.

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