VIDEO: Screams as swimmer has close call with hammerhead

When a shark got eerily close to the Florida shore this week, one swimmer wound up too close for comfort. The encounter was all caught on video.

Dan Flynn, who took these videos, was vacationing at Navarre beach when he heard someone yell "shark" and started recording. He told ABC News that there was a female swimmer whose back was turned, which caused him and several others to scream to get her attention.
(Warning: Loud audio)

The drama didn't stop there. WEAR, the ABC affiliate in Pensacola, reported that a lifeguard had to pull a swimmer out of the water as the shark approached.

Flynn continued filming after all the swimmers had gotten safely out of the water. The hammerhead stuck around for about 15 minutes and kept getting closer and closer to shore, causing Flynn to joke, "He might as well just get a soda or something on the beach."

Flynn also uploaded this video in which he guesses that the shark must be about 10 feet. WEAR reported that the shark was 6 and a half feet.
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