America: Meet John Anthony Brooks

America's new hero goes by the name of John Anthony Brooks. The rookie defender scored the game-winning goal for the Yanks in the 86th minute to defeat Ghana 2-1 in their first 2014 World Cup match.


But many ask, who exactly is he?

  • He was born in Berlin, Germany. His father is from Chicago and was stationed in the German capital with the military. The 21-year-old has never lived in the United States.

  • Brooks was recruited by both the German national team and U.S. national team, ultimately choosing to play for America.

  • EERY FACT: Brooks told ESPN after Monday's game that he had a dream before the game that he would score in the 88th minute. Dreams really do come true!

  • HISTORIC FACT: It was the first time an American sub had ever scored in the World Cup.

  • FUN FACT: Brooks sports a tatoo on each arm: one of his dad's hometown, and the other of his hometown.

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