Best World Cup Goal Celebrations of All-Time

Every soccer player's dream is to score a goal on the biggest stage: The World Cup. What the players do after such an incredible moment is sometimes unexplainable. Here are the top ten World Cup goal celebrations of all-time:

10. Asamoah Gyan: Ghana vs. Australia (2010)
The Ghanaian forward ties the game at one, sending the keeper the wrong way on a penalty kick against Australia. Gyan then starts a dance that looks oh so similar to what we call "The Dougie."

9. Miroslav Klose: Germany vs Argentina (2010)
Miroslav Klose adds a fourth goal in Germany's dominant performance against Argentina. Good thing the German forward, at age 31 in 2010, lands this front flip cleanly.

8. Siphiwe Tshabalala: South Africa vs. Mexico (2010)
After scoring the first goal in the 2010 World Cup in his home country, the South African midfielder and his teammates break out into a choreographed celebration, which could pass for our version of the "Macarena."

7. David Villa: Spain vs. Portugal (2010)
In a tight, scoreless game against Portugal, David Villa follows up his own rebound with a dramatic goal. The Spanish forward then celebrates with an epic slide toward the corner flag. Why is it so epic, you ask? Just watch the end of the clip, as they show it in slow motion!

6. Robbie Keane: Saudi Arabia vs. Ireland (2002)
Wasting no time to score, the Irish forward puts in a wicked volley, just seven minutes into the game. Keane celebrates with his traditional cartwheel, front somersault combo, but adds a little spice to it by escaping from his cheerful teammates to shoot an imaginary arrow into the camera.

5. Papa Bouba Diop: Senegal vs. France (2002)
Senegal's Bouba Diop coordinates his teammates and pretty much says, "Gather around my shirt, guys...and let's dance!"

4. Bebeto: Brazil vs Holland (1994)
Need I say more with this iconic goal celebration? Brazilian forward Bebeto rocks the baby.

3. Roger Milla: Cameroon vs Colombia (1990)
Musical artist Shakira has some strong competition because legendary Cameroon striker Roger Milla's "hips don't lie."

2. Brian Laudrup: Denmark vs. Brazil (1998)
Denmark forward Brian Laudrup lies down and strikes a "no big deal" pose after scoring against Brazil in one of the funniest World Cup celebrations of all-time.

1. Julius Aghahowa: Nigeria vs Sweden (2002)
Prepare yourselves for this dizzying celebration as Nigeria's Julius Aghahowa basically backward somersaults his way out of the stadium. Bet you can't count how many rotations he does!
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