Deaf-blind boy's friends help him watch the World Cup

(YouTube, Helio Surdos)

The language of cheering on your team is universal.
You don't have to understand Portuguese or know any sign language to appreciate the beauty of this friendship.

Carlos, Helio and Regiane are huge fans of Brazil's soccer team who wanted to watch the World Cup together. Carlos, though, is deaf-blind. He prayed that someone would help him see the game, and his friends found a beautiful way to make this happen.

They constructed a miniature soccer pitch so Carlos would be able to feel where the action was. Helio guides Carlos' hands around the pitch, and Regiane uses touch sign-language on his back to give him more detail about the game.

The game in the video is Brazil's first match, but at the end Carlos has a sweet thank you and explains that he plans to watch the rest of the tournament this way.

If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, skip to 10:00. Everyone deserves to experience that joy of the moment when your team scores, and Carlos' friends made that happen for him.
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