Google knows how you feel about the World Cup

For the first time, Google is analyzing emotion in the competing nations during the World Cup, and provides an estimate of how each country is feeling. Sounds creepy, right? They're everywhere, even inside your mind.

"Google is looking at sentiment from all 32 competing countries for the first time, taking in to account posts on Google as well as a combination of search terms and questions to see how a country is feeling both leading up and after a match," Roya Soleimani, the communications manager for the World Cup project said in interview during Thursday's game.

Minutes before Thursday's USA game against Germany the search trends team figured out that Americans were feeling uneasy about the game, while Germans were feeling optimistic.

Learn more about the War Room here on Fusion, and check out the real-time results for yourself. As of Tuesday morning, U.S. Soccer fans were feeling "ready" ahead of the game against Belgium.
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