Team USA's World Cup Road Map

The Americans are thriving in the Group of Death, something none of us and none of the other teams in Group G would've expected. Obtaining four points after two games is a tremendous feat.

Germany is next on the U.S. Men's National Team's schedule. It will surely be a test for the Yanks, both mentally and physically.

Coming off a heartbreaking tie to Portugal in the final seconds, when they had the win in the palm of their hands, is not an easy task to overcome, especially against a powerhouse like Germany. It's mentally draining!

Also, the Americans have one less day of rest and travel farther than the Germans to Recife, where the match will be played.

Thursday's outcome will most likely be a tie, which means both teams would advance to the Round of 16 - no, this won't be due to an agreement between the coaches. Both teams want to place first in the group!

If the U.S. tie, then they'd get the second seed in their group and move on to play the expected first place team of Group H which would be Belgium. Beating the Germans would be ideal, meaning they'd play the second place winner of Group H which would be Algeria, Russia or South Korea.

If the Americans defeat the Germans on Thursday, then they surely have what it takes to go the distance. America, World Cup winners? Imagine what it would do for soccer in the states.

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