This commercial will make sports fans sentimental

(YouTube, Jordan)

A good player is a good player
One of the most humbling displays of sportsmanship an athlete or sports fan can give is a tip of the hat to another team's greatest players. That's exactly what the Red Sox pitcher does in a new ad honoring the Yankees' Derek Jeter ahead of his retirement, and he starts a movement.

In the spot, which promotes Michael Jordan's brand, all sorts of fans and athletes gives a figurative (and literal) tip of the hat to honor the team's captain and his career of nearly two decades: Tiger Woods. Jay Z. Billy Crystal. Policemen. Even some of the New York Mets (though their faces are blurred, as a joke). And, of course, the basketball great himself.

As this ad shows, when respect is a universal trait, sports can be a beautiful thing to witness.

Jeter will play in his final All-Star Game Tuesday night.
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