VIDEO: Are you crazy?! Epic slip and slide off a cliff

(YouTube, devinsupertramp)

"Don't try this at home" goes without saying for this
What do you think it would feel like to ride down a slip and slide and then drop 50 feet into the water? Here's how one of the guys featured in this video, filmed at Lake Powell in Utah, described it:

"You know sometimes, when people take a big old box of fireworks and throw it at your back?"

Fortunately, I don't know, and I hope none of you do, either. But you can't deny that this looks just as fun as it does painful.

Don't start making plans to copy-cat them, though. This video was made by a group of stunt professionals, and, as they reveal in their behind the scenes video, just about all of them suffered some type of injury.

The team has lots of other extreme sport videos on its YouTube channel, including one featuring a slingshot slip and slide.
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